Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Breadtop.

Do you supply wholesale breads and cakes?

Thank you for contacting us.
Unfortunately, due to the Franchise Agreement, we supply our products to Breadtop retail stores only. You can contact your nearest Breadtop to check whether you can have any discount if you order in bulk regularly.

Do you do wholesale to café/ restaurant?

Due to the franchise agreement, we only supply Breadtop products to Breadtop retail stores. At the moment, we only have wholesale burger buns to restaurant, cafe or hotel venues. If it is what you are looking for, please call 02 9723 8828 (NSW), 03 9486 0388 (VIC) or 07 3272 9988 (QLD) to request a price list, samples, create an account and place order. For other states, please visit your local Breadtop to put your request.

Do you have wholesales brioche buns/ burger buns in NSW?

Thank you for your enquiry.

Please kindly let us know which buns you are interested in, some samples could be arranged for you to pick up from our factory in Fairfield East. (123 Lisbon St, Fairfield East)

Our minimum order for delivery is 10 boxes, but it also depends on if your address is included in our fixed routes. Also, we cannot make sure our delivery time, it depends on the weather, traffic condition and other external factors.

We only accept the order via email since it can make sure that we have record to trace your order. Please send your order before our cut-off time 2pm from Mon to Fri, for example, if you would like receive buns on Tuesday, please place an order with us before 2pm of Monday. Moreover, since we do not process any order on weekends, if you would like to get buns on Monday, please place order before 2pm on previous Friday.

We accept direct debit payment if you can provide us your bank account information and complete the direct debit form.

For the credit card payment, we only accept pre-paid orders, so we need your credit card info (including card no. expire date and CVV) to make sure that we can process your order smoothly.

Should you need more info form us, please do not hesitate to contact us at 02 9723 8828 or email btsydorders@gmail.com.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Thank you for contacting us.

Please call 02 9723 8828 (NSW), 03 9486 0388 (VIC) or 07 3272 9988 (QLD) to request a price list, samples, create an account and place order. For other states, please visit your local Breadtop to put your request.

Do you have vegan cakes?

We have the mini vegan cake with jam. Unfortunately, not all stores sell it. So please check it with your local Breadtop.

Which products are vegetarian suitable?

Thank you for interest in our products. Please see below for your information:

  • Chocolate Marble
  • Custard Marble
  • French Bread
  • Parmesan Sponge Cake
  • Chiffon Cake
  • Coconut Cup Cake
  • French Lemon Cake
  • Muffins
  • Cheese Dorayaki
  • Honey Castella
  • Honey Cheddar Cheese Cake
  • Swiss Roll (Choc, Coffee, Green Tea, Mixed Fruit)
  • Green Bean Sesame Ball
  • Hokkaido Milk Ball
  • Croissants
  • Puff Eclair
  • Almond Finger
  • Sea Salt Cookie
  • Custard (Milk, Caramel, Mango)
  • Mango Sago Cup
  • Rusk Bites
  • Sponge Delight
Which products are halal suitable or vegetarian and non-alcoholic?
Thank you for your interest in our products, most of our products are halal suitable, except products below:

Please avoid cakes that are non-halal:

  • Black Forest Fantasy
  • Mickey Black Forest
  • Tiramisu
  • Chiffon Cake
  • Mini Chocolate Muffin
  • Sponge Delight
  • Salted Yolk Sponge Cake
  • Pork Floss Ball Sponge/Seaweed Pork Floss Sponge

Bread/Bun non-halal:

  • all the savory buns
  • Sausage Croissant
  • Japanese Curry Beef Donut

Others non-halal:

  • BBQ Pork Puff
  • Green Bean Filo Delight
  • Red Bean Filo Delight
  • Sweet Heart Filo
  • Walnut Macaroon
  • Pork Floss Ball

Other than the products above, they are all halal suitable. Please see full products list on our website: https://www.breadtop.com.au/

Does the coconut mango mousse come in 10” size?

The biggest size for the coconut mango mousse cake is 7″

Is Japanese white bread halal suitable?

Our Japanese White Bread is halal suitable but not certified.

Which products are dairy/lactose free?
Thank you for interest in our products, unfortunately we don’t have a lot of dairy/lactose free products. Please see below for the dairy/lactose free products:

  • Honey Castella
  • Walnut Macaroon
  • Green Bean Sesame Ball
  • Purple Sweet Potato Mochi
  • Phoenix Nuggets
  • Sweetheart Filo
  • Red Bean Walnut Filo
  • Japanese White Bread
  • Artisan Wholemeal Loaf

Please also note our products are made in the same facility that also contains dairy.

Do you have Japanese melon bun?

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we stopped making this product.

How much sugar per 100g is in your mini chocolate muffin?
Thank you for your interest in our products. Our mini chocolate muffin contains sugar 23g/100g , 5.8g/25g each mini chocolate muffin.
Does the taro pudding gateau contain walnuts?
Thank you for your interest in our products. Our taro pudding gateau does not contain any walnuts.
What is the butter in your product came from?
We use peerless butter for all our cake and bread dough. According to the supplier, it is produced from beef fat or beef tallow.
Does your products use lard?
We use lard for some of our “Chinese sweets” however we do mention “lard” on the ingredient information panel for customer easy reference
What is the ingredient 471 (emulsifier) came from?
The 471 (emulsifier) is from the vegetable.
What are the fats of margarine come from for pineapple cakes?
Thank you for your interest in our products. The margarine in our pineapple cake is derived from beef fats.
Does the Black Forest Cake contain any nuts?
Thank you for your interest in our products. Our black forest fantasy and black forest gateau does not contain nuts. However, almonds are present in the same production area.
Are your cakes used any animal derived products like lard, gelatine etc.?
Most of our cakes contain gelatine except mud cake, Strawberry gateau or over the rainbow cake.
Do your products use palm oil?
We don’t use palm oil for most of our products. Only rainbow cake contains raw material that uses palm oil.
What kind of improver is used in the products? Does it contain any animal products?

We use bread improver from Lesaffre Australia Pty Ltd and it does not contain animal products.

Which cake does not contain gelatine?

Mud cake, Strawberry gateau and Over the rainbow cake don’t contain gelatine.

Is the Tiramisu cake using raw egg?
There is pasteurised raw egg yolk in the tiramisu cake.
What is in the base of the green tea ice-cream cake?
It has Green Tea Sponge cake as the base and top up with green tea ice cream
What are the ingredients in the glazed donut?
Wheat Flour, Egg, Caster Sugar, Butter, Margarine, Salt, Improver, Yeast, Donut Glaze.
Do you have eggless cake? Something like vegan birthday cake?
Unfortunately, we don’t have any eggless cakes or vegan cakes.

Here is some of the eggless cakes lists which might give you a hand for the eggless cakes hunting.


Ingredients and Allergy Info



How about using paper bags instead of plastic bags as carrier bags and when packaging every item?

Thank you for letting us know your concern.

Under Checkout Bag Regulation by the law of Victoria, exemption one of Section 3, bakery goods that are not pre-packaged is allowed to use plastic bags. Here is for your reference:

“(1) Section 3 does not apply to Small Paper Bags or bags used to:
(a) package loose bulk items such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, or candy;
(b) package loose small hardware items such as nails and bolts;
(c) contain or wrap frozen foods, meat, poultry, or fish, whether pre-packaged or not;
(d) wrap flowers or potted plants;
(e) protect prepared foods or bakery goods that are not pre-packaged;
(f) contain prescription drugs received from a pharmacy;
(g) transport live fish;
(h) protect linens, bedding, or other similar large items that cannot easily fit in a Reusable Bag;
(i) protect newspapers or other printed material intended to be left at the customer’s residence or place of business; or (j) protect clothes after professional laundering or dry cleaning.”

We are still sourcing a suitable supplier for paper bags for the bakery products at the moment. We don’t want to increase the price due to this issue as you know the cost of printing paper bags with our logo is more expensive than the plastic bags. However, we also get many complaints when the staffs put a few items in the same bag to save plastic bags. Moreover, we start charging the reusable carry plastic bag for reducing the plastic bags usages.

What we know here is many customers bring their own boxes/containers and put their buns in there and all the retail staffs are happy to see that too. Some customers request to put all the buns in one bag while they don’t bring their own box.

Are your products gluten free?

Unfortunately, we don’t have gluten free products.

Do we have delivery service?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide cake delivery services.

how many kilojoules were in the cream horn?

Our cream horn is 1180kj/ a bun

How many calories are in the Chocolate Horns?

Energy in all our products is measured by the number of KJ (kilojoules) and our chocolate horn is 1173 KJ.

Is breadtop make any 'image cake'?

Unfortunately we don’t do the “image printing” for our cake order, we only make cartoon plaque which you could find in the cake order album at any Breadtop outlets.

What are the ingredients of the baked custard buns? Is any Soda Powder or baking powder to make it so soft? And any preservative and colours?

We don’t put baking soda or baking powder in the Baked Custard Buns. 

The ingredients for Baked Custard Buns are yeast, flour, egg yolk, sugar, milk, cream, butter and French vanilla. 

We mix sugar, butter and egg with dough and that is the reason why our breads are a bit sweet and have the soft texture

Can you do a sugar-free cake?

Unfortunately, we don’t do sugar free cakes

Which one of your bakery items doesn't contain milk or egg?

Unfortunately all our bakery products contain milk, egg or butter.

Why the bread and buns don’t have the expired date or best before date?

All the Breadtop breads and buns are daily made fresh and that’s the reason why you couldn’t find the “best before date” or “expired date” on the small package. Products which contain meat, milk, egg and butter are all belong to the high-risk food and we do strongly suggest customer finish them within 4 hours.

Does any of your products have gelatine?

For all the mousse cake or the cake with fruit on top will contain gelatine.

We use Gold Gelatine leaf for our cake decorating glaze and the gold gelatine leaf is derived from pig skin

Does the piggy cake contain any tree nuts or coconut?

Our piggy cake does not contain nuts, tree nuts or coconut, however it is made in the facility that contains tree nuts and it contains wheat, egg, milk, soy and apricot. 

How can I check the cake ingredients?

You can check the ingredients list from Breadtop website by clicking to the cake photo from the Products tab, scroll down and you will see the ingredients list button

Does orange peel red Bean with yolk paste moon cake contain any dairy products?

Thank you for your enquiry, our orange peel red bean with yolk paste mooncake does not contain dairy or dairy products.

Does the puppy cake contain any nuts?

The puppy cake does not contain nuts. However, please note that where we specify that a cake/ product is nut-free, please be aware that all our cakes are produced in the same kitchen which also produces cakes that do contain nuts, so we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of nuts present in every cake/product we sell.

Are the mooncakes safely consumed by people with peanut allergy?

Our traditional mooncake series are not suitable for people that are allergic to peanuts as it contains peanut oil. However, you may want to try our custard & lava mooncake series or snow mooncake series, there is no peanut added to those range of mooncakes

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