Statistics show that franchised businesses are 75% more likely to succeed than independently operated businesses. Survey results show the franchise industry generated $37 billion, making it a significant contributor to the Australian economy.

Franchise Opportunities

  • Airport West Westfield, VIC
  • Bayside Centre Frankston, VIC
  • Brimbank Shopping Centre, VIC
  • Watergardens, VIC
  • Bondi Junction Westfield, NSW
  • Campbelltown, NSW
  • Liverpool, NSW
  • Newcastle, NSW
  • Warringah Mall, NSW
  • Carindale, QLD
  • Chermside, QLD
  • Grand Plaza, QLD
  • Inala Brisbane, QLD
  • Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Westfield North Lakes, QLD
  • Midland Gate Centre, WA
  • Park Centre, WA
  • New Zealand

How to Apply

Click the link below and fill in the details. We will contact you if we believe you are the right person to join the Breadtop family. If you apply for a location not listed on the franchise opportunities, we will contact you when the right opportunity arises.


Do I need to be trained to become a baker to own a Breadtop Franchise?

Yes, this is an essential requirement. Breadtop will still provide training for you to become one of the bakers in the store. However, you will be responsible for hiring all of your staff.

How many people are required for the training?

Usually, before the store opens, you require two bakers, two to three kitchen hands, and a few counter staff to all be trained. Between you and your partner, one of you will need to be one of the bakers, and the other will preferably need to be the store manager. Both you and your partner must work full time to manage the business. The overall number of staff required will depend on the store’s demand.

What hours do I have to trade at?

Your store will typically open between 8 and 9 AM and close between 6 and 8 PM, depending on the day of the week and trading patterns in your shopping centre (The actual opening and closing times may vary between shopping centres). Breadtop stores trade seven days a week. You will receive your daily dough requirements from the Breadtop factory each day. To start the first round of baking, your bakers will generally need to arrive 1 – 2 hours before opening.

What is the minimum size of the store?

The minimum required size is around 80 sqm. If the store floor size is larger than the minimum requirement, we may consider having seating inside the shop to serve coffee. The maximum store size is roughly 120 sqm.

Can I choose my own location or I have to choose those available sites listed on the webpage?

You can suggest your preferred location or suburb; our franchise manager will check whether your preferred location or suburb is suitable.

Is the shopping centre lease in my name?

We will request the lease to be signed by you. However, this will ultimately be up to the shopping centre.

After I submit my application how long I have to wait before I have a response from the Franchise Manager?

Once the application has been received, we will send you a confirmation by email. Our Franchise Manager will contact the successful potential applicants a few months before signing a legal binding contract for a suitable site.

Do I buy all my stock from Breadtop?

All of your baking dough and cakes will come from the Breadtop factory. Breadtop will supply some other products, such as fillings, but only where bulk buying discounts will provide a price advantage. All other products, including drinks and other fresh ingredients, must be bought from general (but approved) trade vendors.

What ongoing fees and charges do I have to pay?

A royalty and promotion fund is paid to Breadtop each week, based on a certain percentage of your gross sales turnover. Of course, you must also pay for products supplied from the Breadtop factory.

What opening promotion is provided by Breadtop when my store opens?

Your store will be placed on a site with high traffic, reducing the need to spend money on advertising, both initially and ongoing. However, Breadtop will assist you with a launch promotion in your shopping centre. The details will be worked out to suit your particular site, the time of year, etc.

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