Strawberry Gateau

From 8,818kJ

Fresh, locally sourced strawberries generously adorn this chiffon cake. Every bite is like a fluffy cloud of cream, strawberries and cake.

Ingredient list
Frosting and Filling (Whipped Cream (Cream (Pasteurised Cream (from Milk), Mineral Salts (450,500), Thickener (400)), Japanese Whipped Cream (Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Water, Milk, Trehalose, Lactose, Corn Syrup, Emulsifier (473, 475 Contains Soy), Gelling Agent (406), Thickeners (412, 415), Strawberry, Strawberry Flavour Chocolate), Sponge (Egg, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Canola Oil, Cream of Tartar), Sugar Cookie (Wheat Flour, Icing Sugar, Butter, Buttery Spread, Egg, Almond Meal)

Allergen Information
This product contains Eggs, Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Tree nuts.

Contains EggContains GlutenContains DairyContains SoyContains Tree nuts

Cake serving suggestion:

*Actual cake decoration subject to variation.
*The average adult daily energy intake is 8700kJ.

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